At Grain Zero, we are committed to making
all-natural, gluten free, grain free and preservative-free foods that taste as
good as they are healthy. You can be sure to find great-tasting, nourishing food in every pack.

Peel the packaging a little further and you’ll reveal an array of cholesterol-lowering, vitamin-rich nuts, real fruits and vegetables and high fibre seeds, all sourced with quality and health in mind. Born out of a necessity for a grain-free, gluten-free diet, we’ve made it our purpose to be innovative and creative in our food processes.

Grain Zero is continuously creating new foods and snacks we know you’ll love. With ingredients you can pronounce, and flavours you can’t resist, we’ve zeroed in on our mission to create foods that do more by adding less!



Grain-free, gluten-free,
no added fillers

• Made with heart-healthy nuts and seeds, providing you with good fats (the fats that sustain you) including cholesterol-lowering Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

• Ingredients come from nature, not from a laboratory - no processed foods

No added sugars, no artificial sweeteners

• We use honey, agave nectar and coconut nectar to sweeten our products

• Honey combined with the good fats found in nuts and seeds causes a significantly lower rise in blood sugar than table sugar or dextrose

It's fast, it's fresh, it's flavourful

Fast: We know your time matters. With everything life throws at you, we make eating healthy easy. Nutritious food, in convenient packaging for when you need it.

• Fresh: Fresh ingredients, and hand-made batches is where we started, and as we continue to grow and innovate, we've made it a goal to preserve this level of quality and freshness in everything we do.

• Flavourful: As healthy as our foods are, we believe that they taste even better. Great tasting products are a pillar of our brand and we promise to always be innovative and creative in our recipes and flavour combinations.